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Fix: Start menu, Cortana, Notification Area not launching in windows 10

From Day 1 after upgrading to Windows 10, exactly 1 year before, there was an annoying bug which sta

Logout from Microsoft/Yahoo/Google using WebAuthenticationBroker

Do you know how to logout user from OpenID/OpenAuth enabled services from your app?

Debug WebAuthenticationBroker error message

This post explain how to easily debug WebAuthenticationBroker error message without fiddler.

Fix: Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. Sign out now.

I was so excited to install the Windows 10 update. Soon after a fresh install, I was busy setting up

Did you asked Cortana in Microsoft Edge?

If you are like me, you like to read articles/contents online, preferably long readings. And, many t

Universal Windows development in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

The bold concept Windows 10 introduced was Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - "Write once, Deploy an

Video flickering in Windows 8 simulator

Ever experienced this before? Your video gets stuck while running a video streaming Windows 8 App in

How to fix green color while playing YouTube, Facebook or flash video

Ah, my god! That happened so quickly. Something thing I never experienced before and was really surp

How I solved Windows 8 wi-fi connectivity issue in my laptop

Since the day, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Professional, my laptop was having serious wi-

Double quotes(“) coming instead of at-the-rate (@)

Moments before, I’s trying to link my Windows 8 user account with my Microsoft Account. Everyt

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