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Fix: Unity3d InputText foreground color white in Android

How to fix the white foreground color of input control of Unity app in Android platform.

Add GUID as primary key column in code-first migration

How to use GUID as primary key column in code first migration.

Fix: The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference

Got the below error message ever? The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the as

Fix: Start menu, Cortana, Notification Area not launching in windows 10

From Day 1 after upgrading to Windows 10, exactly 1 year before, there was an annoying bug which sta

Error: Document element did not appear. Line 1, position 1 in Unity3d

I was trying to serialize and deserialize a class instance that saves some scene details in Unity3d.

Debug WebAuthenticationBroker error message

This post explain how to easily debug WebAuthenticationBroker error message without fiddler.

Fix: Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. Sign out now.

I was so excited to install the Windows 10 update. Soon after a fresh install, I was busy setting up

Fix: Annoying Adsmatte popup in desktop and smartphones

Phew! It killed a whole day of mine. For last few days, I was bombarded with annoying Adware popup f

How to: Pause/Resume BackgroundTransferRequest or BackgroundTransferService in Windows Phone

Recently, I came across a requirement where I need to perform a background download; along with paus

How to fix green color while playing YouTube, Facebook or flash video

Ah, my god! That happened so quickly. Something thing I never experienced before and was really surp

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