Android emulator scaling issue in Surface Book

Story by Abhilash on Xamarin


Few weeks back, I was setting up Android emulator as part of Xamarin development activity. When emulator is launched, the screen was sticking to one side of the emulator and was not uniformly stretched; as shown below:


Though I tried fixing the same by installing and reinstalling different emulators, the issue still persisted. After lot of searching and troubleshooting, I realized that the issue was not with emulator; instead with DPI settings of device that I am using - Surface Book 2.

Here is how you can fix the scaling issue in android emulator in your Surface Book 2 device:

  1. Launch Task Manager
  2. Right-click on android emulator -> select open file location

  3. Right-click on selected emulator exe and select Properties
  4. Select tab: Compatibility -> select change high DPI settings
  5. Select override high DPI scaling behaviour
    android enumaltor surface book dpi
  6. Now restart your emulator, it works!

Hope this helps.


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