About Me

This is what I do.

A Passionate Technology Evangelist with rich 10+ years’ in IT Industry, well-versed with multitude of technology from .NET to Web Technologies to XR (AR/VR/MR). A quick breakdown of various technologies are as below:

  1. Web Technologies - ASP.NET MVC/Forms, Silverlight
  2. Mobile Technologies - UWP, Windows Phone/Store/RT, Xamarin
  3. Desktop - WPF, WinForm
  4. XR (AR/VR/MR) - HoloLens, Vuforia, WebVR
  5. JS Framework - jQuery, Ext JS
  6. 3D Tools - Unity 3D, AFrame, Babylon JS
  7. NUI - Kinect for Windows

He’s a prominent speaker in various technology communities mainly K-MUG, Developer Weekend, FAYA, etc. All his future and upcoming talks are available here.

He completed graduation in Computer Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University in 2007. He’s working as Senior Lead - UX Development at Valorem, working close with Microsoft, where he’s responsible for developing premium apps and services with cutting edge technologies. Besides development, he loves mentoring & building enthusiastic team. He finds himself lucky enough to work close with MVPs and Microsoft Regional Directors.

He also has solid experience in airline domain, telecom domain, software and services; combined with proven experience in product life cycle, product quality, envisioning features, development and implementation. He had received various awards and laurels for his proven performance.

He writes about his technology obsession in his blog – CameTooFar (http://cametoofar.com/) and tweets at https://twitter.com/abhilashca.